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Kiev Hotels on map:

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Sights & Monuments
on Kiev map:

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Kiev Hotels map-interactive map of Kiev, with city hotels.
Map of sights of Kiev and the main monuments and sights of Kiev. Kiev Hotels Map.
Tourist map of Odesa Ukraine

Map of hotels in Kiev Ukraine. Kiev-tourist map legend:
- Hotels in Kiev
Туристическая карта Одессы - Monuments and Sights of Kiev

If you hover the mouse over the label of hotels and monuments you will see a tool tip with the name of the object.
When you click the left button of your mouse on the label will open a window with more information about the object.

Map Hotels Kiev - how to use:

You can move the map of Kiev hotels in any direction, hold the left mouse button. You can change the scale of a tourist map fo Kiev, using the slider in the the left part of the map. Also you have the ability to switch between different types of maps: map of Kiev with detail to home and satellite image of Kiev.

To measure distances and routes on map of Kiev to use the ruler. So you can get directions from any point of the City to your Hotel.

Hotels menu in the left column allows you to quickly find the desired Hotel on the map of Kiev, just click on one of the Hotels and is highlighted on the map of Kiev.

- If labels too much you can disable their display of shooting related check boxes below the map.